Friday, April 07, 2006

Sun Came Out, Shot Through The Blinds...

The strangest thing happened yesterday - water stopped pouring from the sky! Masses of squinting people then descended upon the streets. At first, disoriented by the light, the hunched, soggy mobs huddled under the familiarity of the moist shade. Finally, enlightened by the slow, warming effects of a belly full of coffee, confusion and fear evaporated. In their place, realization of a true treat from nature tickled their souls. And, they stood, arms outstretched, mouths agape, gloriously drying their moss covered bodies with the divine rays of the sun.

Well, that's what Sancho and I did, anyway.

So, it's also warm and sunny this morning. (I'm not going to talk about the rain that's forecast for this afternoon. I refuse to acknowledge the obscene.) Guess what Sarah decides is the best attire for a spring morning. Yes, "snow jacket!" I think she just likes the sound of my teeth grinding...


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