Thursday, March 16, 2006

Guard The Dog

We were in Trader Joe's yesterday. (Yeah, I realize that almost all of my stories begin this way. What can I say? We spend a lot of time in that place.) Sarah was sitting in the grocery cart and, thankfully, behaving like a semi-domesticated creature.

In one of the aisles, we came across a little girl who was with, I'm guessing, her nanny. The little girl would run up to the nanny and tease, "Lola, Lola.." and then run away from her giggling, "Lola, Lola..." She did this several times as Sarah watched closely.

Finally, on one of her escapes from the nanny, the little girl came up close to our grocery cart and paused. Sarah coolly leaned over the handle of the cart, looked the little girl right in the eye, and with a no-nonsense voice, said, "My Lola!"

I'm not sure the little girl fully understood the danger she was in, but she skipped away and managed to avoid us for the rest of the trip.


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