Friday, March 03, 2006

Bye-bye, Bella

Lately, it's been nearly impossible to keep Sarah at home in the mornings. She has her jacket and shoes on before we've even finished our first cup of coffee and gotten both eyes fully opened. Standing near the door, she starts chanting, "Bye-bye, Mama. Bye-bye." She can't wait to get to daycare where she can be free from us.

At her daycare a few mornings ago, I sat on the floor to play with her for a bit before leaving. One of her friends brought a book for me to read. I started to read the book to the kids who had gathered, but before I could even get to the second page, Sarah was waving at me and loudly declaring, "Mama, bye-bye. MAMA. Bye-Bye. MAMA! BYE! BYE!" She practically ripped the book from my hands and shoved me out the door. Apparently, daycare is great, but it's even better if I'm gone.

There are lots of reasons that she loves the time she spends there - the teachers are awesome, the field trips are a blast, and the bikes are faster. But, probably one of the biggest reasons that she loves the place is because of her best friend, Bella.

Bella is a super sweet little girl with beautiful red curls, and Sarah could be considered completely obsessed with her. Conversations revolve around her happenings. I get a complete run-down of Bella's activities, meals, and outfits every day. Bella is the only person that Sarah has said she'd like to give a balloon to. (Trust me, for my balloon crazy kid. That is a huge gesture.)

This morning we got some really sad news. Today is Bella's last day at daycare. She's moving on to preschool. So, this afternoon, we'll take a balloon for Bella (a "lellow" one) and hug Sarah's first friend bye-bye.


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