Tuesday, February 21, 2006

There's No Blogging On Vacation!

I've kept myself from calling and checking on Nana and Sarah continuously. It's been hard, but I'm determined to not be a completely psychotic mother, or at least to keep others from knowing the extent of my lunacy.

So, this morning, I casually called to check in on the girls like the thought had just suddenly entered my mind. One of Nana's first questions for me was, "Is Sarah a little bit stubborn?" I braced myself, images of her running around naked in the yard refusing to be dressed and come inside from the cold filled my head. Nana continued on, "Well, she doesn't want to get out of bed today." As it turns out, Sarah is playing in her crib (having a great time, giggling and teasing Nana), but she just doesn't want to be removed from her bed. She plans on spending the entire day in there.

I think the problem is that before Nana's arrival we really talked her up. I explained to Sarah that her Nana is loved by all of her grandkids and that she has also performed some extraordinary feats. Primarily, she successfully raised Mike. If that isn't something to instill awe, I'm not sure what is. I think Sarah took this all in and thought, Pfffhhtt...raising daddy big deal. I've got some moves she's never seen.

So, they've reached an impasse, but I'm not worried. I know Nana is just as clever and tenacious as her granddaughter. The truth is Nana is the one with the moves that Sarah has never seen and all will be fine, and that's what is the best part of this of vacation - knowing that my kid is having a wonderful time while getting to know a very special person. I'm headed back to the beach now. I've got some more relaxing to do.


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