Monday, March 06, 2006


This weekend, I lost my voice. I don't mean this in a deep poetic, metaphorical, woe is me kind of way. I mean, I completely lost my voice! Laryngitis paid me a visit and left me without the ability to speak. I could barely whisper, but that's about it.

Normally, this wouldn't be such a big deal. I'm not a big talker as it is, but it turns out that when I'm home alone with two dogs and a toddler, it really helps to be able to utter a few phrases. In fact, I hadn't realized how often I yell at the dogs, "Stop barking!", "Stay in the yard!", or how often I yell at the toddler, "Stop barking!", "Stay in the yard!" It was so frustrating.

Today, I'm at least able to croak out a few words, but the toddler is at daycare and the dogs are behaving. So, I have no one to strain my voice on, and that's even more frustrating.


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