Tuesday, March 21, 2006

12 Cup Morning

Stayed up late working. Then, Sancho needed attention multiple times during the night. To top it off, Sarah was ready to get out of her crib at 6:30. Ohhh.... I feel like I never actually slept.

When Mike stumbled out of bed, he noticed the full pot of coffee and said, "Looks like you're prepping for a hard day." *

I said, "Yup, it's a 12 cup morning." **

* OK, I might be making this quote up. I was too tired to decipher what he said, but his lips were moving and sounds were being made.

** I might not have said this either. Actually, I'm not sure any of this happened. But, I do know that I'm on my fourth cup of coffee, I'm still tired, and this is probably of interest to no one.


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