Monday, February 09, 2009

Free Virus

"Little kids are bioterrorists." -Mike Fife

Last Tuesday night, Sarah began displaying all of the exciting symptoms of a stomach virus. Not a big deal. We've become proficient in the puke, bathe, launder, disinfect and comfort routine.

OK, I'm lying. It is a big deal. It's gross and messy. And why does it always go down at 2 am? And even worse than the clean up is seeing your kid in such a miserable state.

Of course, Sarah couldn't go to school the rest of the week and got to spend her days with me while I attempted to work. She's such a trooper. She cuddled quietly on my lap through conference calls and sat "working" at her desk while I tried to be productive. But, mostly, she lingered on the couch with Caillou.

By Saturday night, Sarah was nearly back to her normal state. But wouldn't you know it? At about 2 am, it became clear that the virus has almost exactly a 4-day incubation period. Within one hour of each other, Mike and I were mirroring Sarah's symptoms. Oh, joyful night!

Yesterday felt like the longest day ever. Mike sprawled on the couch while I curled up next to the fireplace. In and out of sleep we went. Sarah snuggled next to me at times or brought books over for me to read to her. We all watched a lot of ski racing on television.

Today is a much better day. We were all able to eat breakfast. Sarah is off to school. Mike is off to work. And I'm at my desk.

And those little kids are cooking up their next dose of misery.


At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on, admit it. You haven't lived until you've had a child barf down into your collar and all over your hair. Then the child is screaming and needs to be comforted and cleaned up at the same time you are dripping barf everywhere you step.

Poor all of you. Sarah does seem to be a barfer. Hankies was an ear infection kind of kid, but that got better once he got tubes. Now he is a chapped lips kind of guy, which is not so bad at all.


At 9:41 AM, Blogger J Fife said...

I have lived! Had that experience more than once. Oh...

Yes. I have a barfer on my hands.

Give me chapped lips!


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