Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sayonara 2007

Christmas was great. Santa did not disappoint. He brought Sarah the bike that she craved plus many, many other goodies. Our friends and family are much too generous.

That all seems so far away now. We've moved on to enjoying the snow with some special visitors. Sarah's best friend and her family are in town! Of course, we immediately took them all out skiing in a blizzard. We're thoughtful like that.

Today, ice skating was on the agenda. I have no photos of that outing. I was too busy being amazed at Sarah skating. On her own. In her usual independent manner, she demanded that I stop holding her while on the ice. I thought what the heck I'll let her go and see what happens. Well, what happened is that she started gliding across the ice. Skating! She'd fall after a short distance, but just get right back up and try again. That kid is fearless.

Tomorrow we have more skiing lined up. Really, it doesn't matter what we do. Sarah would be thrilled to watch paint dry with her buddy. Yesterday morning she told her, "Let's go play! But first, let's do hugs." She then wrapped her friend in a tight bear hug.

Spending time with good friends is the best way to end the year. We're thrilled and lucky to share the remaining hours of the year with such amazing people. Happy New Year!


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