Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Day With Strep T.

Our little buddy Strep T. has paid us another visit. This time he's not staying in my banged up, old body. No. That's too worn and drafty - probably about to be condemned. He's decided to stretch out and get nice and comfy deep in the soft, pink folds of Sarah's throat.

I can't take any days off of work right now. Deadlines! Panic! This design must get done! So, Mike took yesterday morning off to watch Sarah and I attempted to work while taking care of her in the afternoon. Wow! It became a day of conference calls taken in the closet, typing with one hand while wiping a runny nose with the other, multi-tasking sparks flying. Left brain, right brain clicking and marching hand in hand.

At one point, I left her playing alone in the kitchen. I sneaked away to my office to try to get some work done. While typing I heard her enter the office. With her came the scent of coffee. Unusual. Yet, yummy. I turned around to find her covered in coffee grounds. Hair to toe.

You'd think I would have learned my lesson then and not left her alone the rest of the day. Oh, but you would be wrong. She was left to entertain herself at other points in the day. Those times resulted in ink scribbles on two legs and one arm, packing peanuts evenly distributed across every surface in the living room, Lola tied tightly with a ribbon to a door, an entire roll of Scotch tape used to hang one piece of art on the wall, and on and on on....

Today, I called in a nanny.

Poor thing. She really has been sick though.

Before the illness hit, we visited Santa:

He wasn't a particularly chatty fellow, but Sarah had no reservations about sitting on his lap and letting him know exactly what she'd like for Christmas. She would very much like for him to bring her a two-wheeled bike, pink with tassels everywhere.

He didn't ask what I'd like, but I think I'll write him a letter and let him know that I'd like that little Strep T. to take a one way trip to the North Pole with him. And sleep. I'd like some sleep.


At 1:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor little sarah! we are having a run of strep at our lab, lots of positives. that time of year. i hope she feels better soon. buy new toothbrushes and clorox your tv remotes. that will reduce the chances of spreading to you and mike. love, carrie


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