Thursday, October 21, 2010

Food Notes

Just found a note that Sarah wrote sometime this summer. It's a menu for the week. When she wrote it, she let us each pick a dinner for a different night of the week. She had been complaining that she never got to choose what we had for dinner and wanted to take a little control but still be fair.

So the menu was a collaboration between all of us, and it confirms that Sarah's food choices are not normal for a kid. I mean, collard greens? Seriously? How many kids are asking for that on their dream menu?

1) Potatoes on Wednesday (Sarah's choice)
2) Tacos on Thursday (Dad's choice)
3) Collard greens and rice on Friday (Sarah's choice)
4) Tri-tip on Saturday (Dad's choice)
5) Baked chicken on Sunday (Mom's choice)
6) Avocado and rice on Monday (Sarah's choice)
7) Chicken noodle soup on Tuesday (Mom's choice)

And a conversation from last week:
Mom, what's for dinner?
Salmon, roasted beets and green beans.

A quote from this week:
Oh, these brussel sprouts are soooo good!

A quote from last night:
I don't really like hot dogs.

A quote from this morning:
Can I have edamame and pomegranate in my lunch?

So, my kid is a bit odd. But I'm not complaining...


At 10:55 AM, Blogger Marti said...

that's great! good taste, sarah!


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