Friday, February 20, 2009

Honesty will never get you anywhere...

Woke up on Wednesday morning with full-on laryngitis. Mike had left the house early to get a little snowboarding in before work. This left Sarah and me to communicate through a combination of whispers and wall taps. This also meant that it was up to me to drive Sarah to school.

Through my haze, I pulled on some sweat pants and couldn't even care enough to pull a hat over my Unabomber style bed head. Off we went! Whispering, tapping and frumpled.

As is usually the case when we arrive at Sarah's school, we were circled by little girls. One drilled me about my lack of a voice. "Why aren't you talking?" "Where did you lose your voice?" The other little girls gathered and just stared.

Finally, one of the older girls made her way from the back of the room, pushed her way to the middle of the circle, put her hands on her hips, scrunched her gorgeous face and said, "Your hair looks funny!".

Thanks, kid. Let's just see if you ever get milk and cookies at my house.

Here's a picture of the snowboarder. What? You thought I was gonna show you my funny hair. Come on.


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