Thursday, April 03, 2008


The inauguration! The inauguration! It was this past weekend. What? You didn't know about the inauguration. That can't be. Sarah told every single person about the inauguration, her Grandpa Fife's inauguration. She had dresses picked out and elaborate scenes imagined. We talked about it daily.

Well, clearly you weren't listening. You would have known otherwise.

Anyway, we all flew to Texas last week to witness Grandpa Fife become the latest President of The Texas Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.

For all of Sarah's excitement about the inauguration, it soon became clear she had no idea what an inauguration was. We were walking through the hotel and I stopped to show her the room where the event was going to be held. I told her, "This is where Grandpa Fife is going to be inaugurated." She paused with concern and wrinkled her nose, "Is it going to hurt?"

There was no pain involved. That I'm aware of. Maybe there's a secret meeting for that, but I didn't get an invitation. The ceremony that I witnessed was lovely. It featured period costumes, "real guns, mama!" and "powdered wigs like George Washington!".

Here are President Fife and His Lady, Suzanne (aka Mimi):

The swearing in of the new president:

Here is a shot of the family of the president and his lady, a powerful dynasty. We're like the Mings, destined to rule for hundreds of years. We ooze authority. Don't worry we'll be kind to you - if you're kind to us. So, bow a lot. And send chocolate. Chocolate will gain you favors.


At 12:24 PM, Blogger QT said...

Oh my - fancy! Y'all are a good-lookin' bunch.


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