Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Summer Day

TheOtherBible Camp is over. Sarah and her best friend, B, are without child care this week. B's mom and I are swapping a couple of days watching the girls and taking vacation time to cover the rest of the gaps.

Today was B's mom's turn to chase the little maniacs. When she dropped Sarah off after a very fun-filled day, B tore through the house looking for Mike.

B: "Where's Mike?"
Me: "He's at work."
B: "Why?"
M: "Well, I guess he had some things to do."
B: "When is he coming home?"
M: "Not until later."
B: Sad faraway look...
B: "I miss him."

On the other end of the spectrum, I tried to get Sarah unwound and in her room to rest for a bit. I gave her a hug and a kiss after telling her how much I had missed her.

Sarah: "I hate kisses. Don't touch me."
S: Violent tossing motion...
S: "I threw your kiss on the floor."

Sigh... Wish me luck. Tomorrow is my day to hang with the girls.

Here's the fearless, not-so-affectionate girl on her dad's motorcycle. It's hard to tell, but her overly affectionate, overly cautious mother is holding her tightly to keep her from falling off of the bike. She hates that.


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