Monday, February 26, 2007

Bits From Florida

Yeah, so I was going to bombard you with the details of our trip to Florida. Well, one week later, (lucky for you) all I can remember are these tidbits:
  • The 6 hour flight to Miami. Oh, it was long. See, Sarah refused to nap. Yup. 6 hours with a fidgety, talkative preschooler are difficult to forget. We spent those long hours mostly visiting the restroom. No, it wasn't out of need. It was purely for the entertainment value. Did you know that there are little cups for water in there and that the hand soap is blue? Also, flushing an airliner toilet is thrilling. So, the rest of the time in our seats was filled with these phrases repeated incessantly: "Are we there?" and "I want out!" Ugghh... my eye sockets were thankful that they don't allow sharp objects on planes anymore.
  • If you take your kid to a restaurant where dancing on the tables is allowed, Taverna Opa, it will be kind of funny when your kid doesn't hesitate to jump on the table and start wiggling, but the cuteness vaporizes immediately when that kid stares adoringly at the belly baring outfits of the performers. Oh, I'll never forgive myself if we triggered her Shakira neuron. I hear everyone has one. It's right behind the hotel heiress cell.
  • A hot tub is just as fun as a pool and a lot more enjoyable on a cold Florida day.
  • Sleep. Or more like, not sleeping. When the sun rises, so does Sarah - no matter what time it is back at home or what time you all went to bed. One of my friends once said, "Vacation with kids isn't a vacation at all. It's just taking care of them in a different location." She was so right.
  • Although the above list seems to contradict this, we had a great time.


At 5:49 PM, Blogger QT said...

I remember almost every vacation we took when I was a kid. I am glad you had fun and the pics are cute!

At 8:35 PM, Blogger jen said...

am so glad you had fun. and it sounds and looks fun, too.

aside from that six hour flight, perhaps.


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