Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Range of Light

"Now I shall have another baptism. I will bathe in the high sky, among the cool wind waves from the snow." - John Muir

We took a trip to the Sierras this weekend. We convinced our friends, some of whom had never been cross-country skiing, to join us. They are an adventurous bunch. Not only did they strap on skis and follow us out into the woods, they were also brave (crazy?) enough to bring their two-year-olds along.

One of the moms that came along is pregnant, the other had the flu and I'm just lazy. So, we let the dads do the heavy pulling - the kids are in the sleds.

All of this skiing led us to a beautiful summit where our caged spirits were fully released.

That was all on day one. Day two consisted of sledding in the forest. Here are Sarah and her friends making their way to the hill. I can't help but imagine that in twenty years a similar photo of these three will be snapped. The only difference will be that they'll be lugging adult toys - downhill skis or snowboards.

When they finally made it to the hill, they wasted no time in embracing the thrills nature had spread before us.

Getting out into the mountains is always a joyous event for me. It's there that I'm able to breathe fully. Having our friends and Sarah's pals along made it even more special. Truly, our weekend was more fun than a toe in the ear.

I can hardly wait to get back out there. My body is already deflating.


At 3:36 PM, Blogger jen said...

WOW. awesome sister. awesome.

am so digging those pics.

At 7:13 PM, Blogger QT said...

Love the pics and yes, being out in nature always rejuvenates me. I do miss the mountains living here.

At 12:34 PM, Blogger scribbit said...

That looks like amazing fun. Great weather, fun company, all the things for a great weekend.


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