Friday, July 14, 2006

24th Month

Dear Sarah,

In my mind, I always imagined that I'd bake cute little cupcakes (frosted white with long stemmed cherries on top) for your school parties and show up looking all maternal, cheerful and glowing in a flowery, cotton dress. With neat hair.

In reality, I haven't yet showered. The bags under my eyes from sleep deprivation brought on by work deadlines have me looking like a mangy raccoon rather than a refreshed, chic mom. I have coffee breath. The cupcakes? Well, they're coming from the grocery store. They'll be cute - if the cute ones haven't sold out.

But, one thing is for sure. I will be cheerful. Even though the past two years have delivered reality checks for which I was completely unprepared and that at times have been painful to digest, my life with you has been filled with a joy and love that I could have never imagined. And, I wouldn't trade that for anything - even neat hair.

Happy birthday!

your mama


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