Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Maybe it's a way to make up for the lack of hugs

A pleasant ripening of karma in the past couple of days has pushed Sarah's morning nap from a nice one hour break for me to a four hour caffeine fueled, barefooted, dancing mama vacation. Her naps have been so long that I've come close to forgetting that I have a kid. Oh... I have to tell you, the flashbacks of my childless, free life are the cruel twist to this otherwise positive cosmic gift. I'm reminded of how uncomplicated all aspects of my life were. It's truly incredible how little I used to accomplish in the span of a day with so much free time. Now, with her extended nap time, I'm guaranteed a shower, a tooth brushing, and undisturbed time to generate thoughts which are wasted on my job - yet an even crueler twist.


At 8:12 AM, Blogger Gama said...

I need some caffeine in me. But i have to take a nap after I eat breakfast.

Oh just in case you wondering the kind of puppy I have, it's an American Rat Terrier, I think that's how you spelled, but I'm not sure. So anyway have a marvealous day J Fife :-)


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