Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sick Day

We spent the weekend in Portland and Sarah brought home a cold. She wasn't up for school yesterday, so she spent the day with me.

She was very cuddly in the morning and curled up in my lap. Then with big blue eyes, she looked up at me, stroked my cheek softly and asked:

Mom, do you love me more than dad?
Or..... do you love daddy more than me?

I've told Sarah that too much television is not good for her brain. Since she was sick, I let her watch more than I normally would. In the afternoon when I thought she'd had enough, we had this conversation:

Sarah, no more television. You've watched too much today.

I know, mom. But, look! I'm still smart.

Here's Sarah sniffing roses in "The City of Roses":


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