Friday, August 15, 2008


Tired? Watch too much Olympics last night? Got the Friday blahs? Bad hair day? Is your coffee cold? Do your ears hang low?

Here's what you have to do. Run. Right now! And go get yourself a four-year-old.

No kidding. Other moms whispered about the magic of the four-year-old. There was talk of giggling, affectionate, joyous beings. I thought those mamas were maybe sipping a little too much Irish coffee, with extra Irish.

As your faithful reporter about all things related to me, I'm here to tell you that those moms were absolutely correct. Four-year-olds are from another world, a happy, sparkly, huggy, kissy, rainbowy, cuddly, fantastic world.

Oh, they can cure all.

Except maybe the tired thing. They actually make that one a little worse.


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