Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Grandmas

So what happened last week?

As Sarah would say, The Grandmas came to visit - that would be Sarah's paternal grandmother and paternal great-grandmother, Nana and Mammaw to you.

Sarah was treated to two days of fun outings with her grandmothers. She was giddy from all of the excitement and attention when she returned home each evening. Then on the third day, she refused to leave the house. With anyone. Oh, those poor grandmas caught a glimpse of Sarah's extremely stubborn personality.

I'm thinking this particular personality trait could have been inherited from any one of at least three of my relatives. Maybe five. That's why I drink the coffee.

Still, I know Sarah had a fantastic time with her Nana and Mammaw. At school yesterday, I overheard her bragging to one of her friends that her "great grandma and ummmm.... regular grandma" came to visit.

Thanks for the visit, Grandmas. You are far beyond great and regular.


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