Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sisters Rodeo

Hey, Matt. Remember all those times when I was a little girl and you'd shout “torture time!”, pin me down, pinch my arms with what you called ant bites, and rub my scalp with noogies until tears formed and I was on the verge of crying like, uhhh... well, like a little girl?

Remember those times?

Guess what? This weekend I went to the Sisters Rodeo, and you didn't. Torture time!

The saddle bronc riding was thrilling. Hmmm... Does that pinch a bit?

Then, of course, there was bull riding. Oh, you would have loved it!

There was also an entertainer, The One Arm Bandit.

This one-armed guy rode, of all things, a mule. You like mules, don't cha?

And he had buffalo.

Buffalo that he trained to stand on top of his trailer.

You would have gotten a real kick out of the show. Sarah did.

Mike, too.

Now let me tell you about the team roping and the....

Are you gonna cry? Oh come on, don't cry. I'll stop. Don't be a sissy. Get up! Be tough. And don't tell mom and dad!


At 9:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey little sis I am a little envious, but you still can't make me cry. I have seen the one armed bandit, and he does have a gift for training animals. No tears yet.


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