Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bend, Oregon

Any attempt to detail the events of last week would be confusing, unbelievable and exhausting (especially for the reader). So, let's just say that we flew various places, hit innumerable travel snags but ultimately ended up in Bend, Oregon with Mimi and Grandpa Fife. In one piece. All of us.

And it's a good thing. As it turns out, Bend is simply beautiful. Being from the high desert of New Mexico, the high desert of Oregon reminded me much of home.

Embellishing the land, like a joyful embroidery, were trails - bike trails, running trails, dirt trails, paved trails, trails, trails, trails! Oh, I'm a strong supporter of the trail. Our time there was short, so I only got to sample a small section of one forest trail. Still, that one taste was delicious.

Mike and Grandpa Fife sampled fun of a different variety. They had a golf excursion. I know nothing about golf other than the sick thrill I get from attempting to whack the cart picking up balls at the driving range. So, I don't really know what it means to break 90, but apparently, it's quite an accomplishment. And that's just what Grandpa Fife did. Congratulations!

Mimi had quite an accomplishment herself - one that I can grasp the magnitude of much better. She spent several hours with Sarah. Alone. I think her experience as a teacher, mother and inhabitant of the Middle East proved quite beneficial. Sarah had a great time with her. Thank you, Mimi!

Here's where I have to give Sarah some props. It's fun to point out her difficult times, but I have to fess up. Lately, she has been amazing. More amazing than ever. An impossibility! She traveled like a champ, found humor all around us and made every experience even more magical.

So, Bend was great, but in the end, it was the company that made it fabulous.


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