Sunday, September 09, 2007

Happy Bear

It's a joy having Sarah here at DancingBear Preschool. She's just wonderful.
-A mom who spent the day volunteering at Sarah's new school

[Speechless. Jaw unhinged. Blinking repeatedly.] -me

Sarah started her new preschool last week. I think we'll call it DancingBear.

Her first week there was fantastic. She's been happy, joyful even, at pickup time. I credit her new teachers for this completely.

Her teachers don't fit the mold that I've poured for the traditional preschool teacher. They sport long braids and California casual attire. What is even more shocking is the audacity of one to tote around a Y chromosome.

Of greater importance than their exterior is the amazing sense of wonder and freedom to explore that they release into the school, like little clouds of joy. There's a hint of creativity and humor throughout the place. One of my favorite stickers of multiple sprinkled around the school says:

I also love this one:

After just a week, I think Sarah will fit in nicely. Oh and the best part is that after a busy school day, she has started napping again! Napping probably lead to the description of her as a joy and wonderful. Really, the past week with her was magical.

Hopefully, we'll all just keep enjoying the DancingBear boogie.


At 10:04 AM, Blogger QT said...

Aren't they alwasy better for everyone else? It sounds like my kind of preschool, too!


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