Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Parade of Goats, Chaps and Snacks

Not much to report here. We had a low-key weekend. We left the house only to check out a kid's parade in Palo Alto and to grab some delicious Dim Sum at Ming's. We couldn't agree if the highlights of the Dim Sum were the chicken buns or the crab? (we're not really sure what they were filled with) steamed wontons. We definitely agreed that the highlights of the parade were an out of control dog attempting to eat some Pygmy goats and the electric vehicles from J.L. Stanford Middle School. Trust me, this picture of one of the vehicles does not do it justice. The figure in front actually skates ahead of the guy with the questionable fashion sense giving the impression that he is being pulled along by a robot (or that the robot is trying desperately to get away from those hot pink boots and lamb skin chaps). We thought it was cool, but then again, we think NOVA is a happening television show and that Sancho is a good looking dog.


At 11:39 AM, Blogger Gama said...

Steamed wontons are delicious :-)


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