Monday, May 02, 2005

Nana Wouldn't Wash My Face ALL The Time

Sarah's Nana is on her way back to Texas. Her time with Sarah started out a bit bumpy, but by yesterday, it was a lot smoother. If she had stayed one more day, I think Sarah might have actually let Nana cuddle with her. OK, maybe not cuddle with her (she really doesn't let anyone cuddle with her), but she probably would have at least let Nana carry her around a few more times. Here's a quick glimpse of what our short time with Nana was like.

Saturday - "Don't you even think of coming to this side of the drum. I've got my lungs loaded, and I'm not afraid to use them."

The rest of the day was spent watching rugby and taunting Nana some more.

Sunday, we went to Bay Meadows to watch horse racing. It was family day, so there were all sorts of fun things for all of us to see.

Here's Sarah in the petting zoo right before the duck bit her. I won't show you the photos right after Sarah bit the duck back. (Oh ok, you sickos. It looked something like this: foie gras.)

After we'd cleaned up from "petting" the animals, Sarah hung out with Nana and cheered on the horses. After all of the races were run, we were only down $1.10. (If the electronic betting equipment had cooperated, we would have been up about $75. Well, that's Mike's story anyway.)

By last night, Sarah seemed to think Nana was alright.

This morning, Sarah's wondering where everyone went. I think she really misses all of the extra attention.

"Look at me mom! Look at meeeee!!!! Gosh, Nana would never ignore me."


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