Monday, June 01, 2009

Bike Rider

I was sent a note this morning that read something like: No. NO! You are not on hiatus!

And when this person talks notes, I listen read. So, I guess I'm not on hiatus - today.

I tried to think of the biggest thing that has happened around here recently. It was a no-brainer.

Way back in April, Mike took Sarah out to the park, he set her loose on a grassy field and she learned how to do this:

That's right. Sarah can now ride a bike! And boy is she thrilled. That's all she wants to do.

And boy am I glad Mike was brave enough to take her out and teach her. I didn't have the stomach to watch her first rides. Had it been left up to me, she'd have training wheels for life. Truth is, I still get lightheaded as she rides down the path. ALL BY HERSELF! Oh gosh, I need to get some air...


At 5:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next it will be the car.


At 10:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That person still orders you around?


At 11:35 PM, Blogger J Fife said...

MKR - Of course, I listen to that person. I was taught to respect my elders.

Also, I can't imagine Sarah driving a car. I'm sure I'll need to be medicated.

At 9:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to know how he got her riding on the grass. I tried that with Hank, and it was too hard for him to pedal. I ended up running around the block with him, holding onto his bike less and less each time until he had balance.

Sarah (apparently, from the video) has a skill that Hank doesn't, even though he is a year older. She can ride on a hill. He's never been on one, since we don't have them in our neighborhood. Someday, I will have to drive him somewhere where there are hills, so he can see what that's like.


At 10:31 AM, Blogger J Fife said...

Rach - When Mike took Sarah biking on the grass, he would get her balanced on the bike, give her a big push and let her go. After a few tries, she figured it out. So I'm told.

When you guys come out here, Hank can try the hills on our street. We have lots. Big downside...


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