Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What I did on my weeklong vacation from blogging...

In list form.

Who doesn't love a list? Especially a list with photos of very poor quality. Yeah. I knew that was just what you wanted. I like to give to the people.

1) Thursday: Backcountry skiing. There's a trail about 10 minutes from our house. This trail, oh this lovely, lovely trail, with hardly touched snow and the friendship of a creek is currently the place I'm most likely to be found.

2) Friday: Night skiing. That's right. Skiing. At night. There's a park in town that grooms its fields and turns on its lights to allow a little evening fun.

3) Saturday: Winterfest. This is a festival in town featuring things like ice sculptures,

live bands,

cross-country skiing sprint races,


kids puking in bouncy houses,

(I didn't take a picture of that, you weirdo.)

dudes on skis launching themselves off of that U.S. Cellular platform (come on, only a dude would do that),

and you know, a good time:

4) Sunday: A long ski on groomed forest trails with just Mike. We pawned Sarah off on some friends.

5) Monday: Work, work, boring, boring, boring...

6) Tuesday: Nearly 60 degree weather! Oh the joy nearly killed me. This called for a nice run in the sun kissed snow.

There you have it. My life in a list. Gosh, it was much more amusing when I was living it.


At 2:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day......

Im so tired of Cool. Like -14..uhhh


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