Monday, September 18, 2006

A Perfect Pair

Sarah's future is going to be amazing. I've planned every detail perfectly.

This weekend, I enacted phase one of my master plan and allowed her to spend some quality time with her intended, Hank.

His mom and I agree that their marriage will make us both very happy. Sarah and Hank will find fulfillment in knowing that they didn't disappoint their mamas. They already seem to be hitting it off. Here they are enjoying the morning. Sarah is explaining how any man in her life must shower her with shoes. Lots of shoes. Not just any shoes. Cute shoes. In the right colors. Pink. As you can see, Hank is very advanced. He's already perfected the "go to your happy place, keep quiet and let the girl talk" technique of dealing with conversations of this type.

When Sarah moved on to describing the equitable division of chores that she expects in a relationship, Hank just couldn't take it any longer. Visions of his happy place faded, and he began looking for an escape route. As he slipped away to catch the last quarter of the football game on television, he was wise enough not to interrupt the talking.

Yes. These two will go far together. I'll make sure of it.


At 12:47 PM, Blogger Valarie said...

They are a cute pair. She's so lucky to have her mom looking out for her like that.


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