Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Laborious Day

Three day weekends are exhausting. Nothing like getting back to a full-time job for some rest. Ahhh... Warm cup of coffee in my hands. I'm relaxing. Wait! What's that? The phone is ringing. Email is zinging into my inbox. There's talk of deadlines and designs. This can't be right. Did I miss my chance to rest this weekend? Oh well, the fun was worth the loss of sleep.

Here's some footage from the trip that we took to Fort Funston this weekend:

First, there's Sarah looking out for tsunamis.

Then, there's Sarah goofing around on the beach (I'm pretty sure that the loud pop in the middle of this footage is the sound of the innards of my camera exploding. Yup. I think it's time to crack open my wallet and buy a new camera. Sadly, nothing lasts forever.)

Finally, there's Sarah amused by hang gliders. (With bonus audio of me just never shutting up.)

So, it's all about the kid, but really, she is the most watchable member of our tribe.

Happy back to work day!


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