Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Night In Kabul

Mimi and Grandpa have gone back to Texas. Before they left, they gave us an invaluable treat. They babysat Sarah for an entire night!

Before we set out for our night of freedom, we ran giddily through the house. Time for some fun! Time for some fun! Wait! What to do with our precious time? We knew we had to consult The Chick.

The Chick is a person who I've been desperately and flagrantly attempting to emulate for years. She worked at DEC. I got a job at DEC. She designed chips. I had to do the same. She moved from New England to California. Guess what? I packed up my bags and headed west, too. Then, she went and had a baby. You'd think that would have been my breaking point. But, no. I took a deep breath, allowed my psychosis to lead my life, and here came Sarah. Crazy, huh? If you knew The Chick, you'd understand why I do what I do.

Anyway, so The Chick was contacted for a dinner recommendation. She told us to "go to Kabul!" No. Not the city in Afghanistan, but an Afghan restaurant in Sunnyvale. Wait! Or, was this her way of telling me to get lost and stop copying her? I don't think so, because the professor she lives with suggested that we order some "pumpkin with taco meat!" I think that was a description of a dish and not an insult. But, who knows? I can be naive and am definitely not up on the latest slang. Come to think of it, "pumpkin with taco meat!" does sound kind of insulting. Well, whatever. The food at Kabul, the restaurant, was unbelievable.

So, if anyone ever tells you to "go to Kabul!", I strongly suggest you heed their advice. Be sure to order the Mantu (garlic lamb dumplings), kadu (a dish that looks just like pumpkin with taco meat) and kebabs - large, delicious portions. Yum! I can hardly wait to go back. Maybe I can work it to be there at the same time as The Chick.

But, if anyone ever tells you to eat some "pumpkin with taco meat!", well...that's just insulting.


At 6:43 AM, Anonymous Rach said...

I have it on very good authority that the chick only wishes she could emulate Julianne. She wishes she were as good an athelete, an engineer, an artist in the many ways that Julianne is, etc. I have even heard that she's about to move to CA in order to copy Julianne! Maybe jealousy is why she passed on the pumpkin with taco meat slur from the professor.

At 12:32 PM, Blogger J Fife said...

Rach - I don't care what it takes to get The Chick back to California. We'll do anything to have her in our neighborhood again - the professor and beautiful boy will be bonuses.


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