Monday, May 08, 2006

Don't touch my roses!

Sarah's grandmother, Nana, flew in for a super quick trip this weekend. She snuck in on Saturday night and crept away sometime last night. Sarah spent most of the visit forbidding her Nana from touching anything. It sounded a lot like this,"Don't touch my leg. Don't touch my milk. Don't touch my cup. Don't touch my Lola. Don't touch my poo-poo." And on and on. Like Nana wanted to touch those things.

While Nana didn't get to touch much of anything, she did get to admire (from afar) the amazing flowers in our neighborhood.

The roses blooming in our yard are seriously the size of Sarah's head:

While the roses don't do much for Sancho's beauty, they do mask his stench just a bit:

But, he thinks this balancing junk on his head trick is getting really old.

He's had enough! Next time, he swears, he won't be sitting in a pile of petals. He'll make Cujo look like a taco loving chihuahua. He's vicious on the inside. Just look at what he did to this dangerous pink rose. So, stop messing with him! It hurts his feelings.


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