Monday, December 19, 2005


We had a weekend filled with holiday parties and downpours.

The first extravaganza was a potluck at Sarah's daycare on Friday evening. The party was filled with kids running wild, yummy food, and high-powered parents. Seriously, Sarah's classmates have parents who are entrepreneurs, surgeons, and lawyers. Poor, Sarah. Now, I know why she's so eager to have us leave when we drop her off in the mornings. She can't be seen with dorky engineers. That'd be worse than a bad case of head lice. I'm pretty sure she'd be banished from the sandbox.

On Saturday, one of Mike's co-workers had a cookie making party and his boss had a dinner party. At both events, Sarah feigned shyness for about the first 30-minutes and then proceeded to spin out of control.

At the first party, she got ahold of a toy microphone and did a nice impersonation of Britney Spears (with better vocals). She'd belt out some notes, turn to the crowd with a wild grin, and wait for applause. After she completed her act, she let everyone know that she was "hot" and pulled her dress up over her head and tried to yank it off (a total Britney move).

Later, at the next party, she kept her clothes on, but followed the lead of the older kids and tried to swan dive off of all of the furniture. She had a blast, but I think Mike's co-workers were left wondering what kind of lunacy goes down in our house. I just hope it doesn't affect his bonus.

During this entire time and on Sunday, it rained heavily. This morning, when I opened up my car, I found that the back passenger side floor had flooded. I can't figure out where the water came from. The windows and doors were shut. It looks like the water came up from underneath the car. I'll get the failure analyst in the house to take a look and offer an opinion.


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