Thursday, November 17, 2005

16th Month

Relax. This isn't as late as usual.

Dear Sarah,

Has another month passed already? It's easy to lose track of time when you're chasing a high-speed toddler around.

Besides tearing around the house, climbing on all of the furniture, and scattering stuff everywhere, you have declared your independence. You now spend more time entertaining yourself than ever before. You spend large chunks of time emptying the kitchen shelves and amusing yourself with the contents. The colander is a favorite item. You say "hat", put it on your head, and walk around giggling at yourself. You also love to get a bowl, hold it up near the sink, and ask for "agua". When I break down and put a few drops of water in the bowl, you place it on the floor and beg Lola to drink from it. To your dismay, she hasn't complied yet. I think she's waiting for something tastier than water - like bacon grease (Don't get any crazy ideas. You can't have bacon grease for Lola.).

You also no longer want to be carried into Overpriced Daycare. Immediately after I take you out of the car, you say "down". So, I set you down and you march on your own into the building. Once inside, you start asking for Bella, your new best friend. When you spot her, you run to her and give her a big hug and a kiss. After this, if you still remember I'm there, you tell me "bye, bye", and go back to your friends. You love daycare! It's such a relief to see you so happy when I leave you there. I guess the cost is worth it after all. Instead of four years at an accredited university, you now get a couple of semesters at community college and a toddlerhood filled with unrestricted sandbox time. That's a good trade-off. Right?

Really, the past month hasn't only been filled with crazy toddler antics. Your vocabulary and abilities have grown at an amazing rate. Just the other day, you said your name for the first time "Sazah". After your bath at night, you wave at the dogs, say "night, night", and walk over to your crib. Best of all, you have taken to giving us hugs and kisses! I've waited for this moment for so long. It's even better than I imagined. When you run to me and give me a big strong hug, I just melt and don't want to let you go. And, your kisses, well, they're a little on the slimy side, but I'll still take as many as you're willing to give.

your mama


At 3:06 PM, Blogger NCD said...

Does this mean we missed a big Julianne birthday! Mike did a great (engineering) job on that cake! Every candle perfectly aligned with the next candle.

Sarah looked like she had a great time making/eating cake.


At 10:52 AM, Blogger J Fife said...

Nicole - Yup. I'm a year older. Uggh... Mike was very consistent with the candle placement. Sarah was there to confuse his calculations.

At 11:39 AM, Blogger NCD said...

Congratulations and happy birthday!! Looks like it was a wonderful day. Shall I sing??

At 11:39 AM, Blogger NCD said...

Congratulations and happy birthday!! Looks like it was a wonderful day. Shall I sing??


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