Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We spent Saturday out doing exactly what should be done on a gorgeous fall day - frolicking at a pumpkin patch!

There were so many non-pumpkin related activities at this pumpkin patch. Sarah was loving life, even with a massive head cold. One of the highlights for her were the "pony" rides.

Sarah chose to ride the biggest "pony". She would like one of these in her backyard, please.

Then, Mike and Sarah tried their hand at ball launching:

For some reason, Sarah wanted to wait in line for a cheesy photo. So we did.

There were lots of other fun activities I didn't even document - hay rides, haunted barn, petting zoo, games, scavenger hunt and so on.

Eventually, we had to get down to the main reason for visiting the patch, PUMPKINS!

Lots of potential pumpkins were closely examined.

Finally, our perfect pumpkin was found.

This little fruit was hugged and lugged.

And ultimately displayed proudly.

A successful and fun excursion!


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