Monday, October 05, 2009

No Joking

Remember those little snow pellets that I told you about last week?

Weren't they cute and such a novelty for the last days of September? You could debate what to call them - snow or graupel or hail or little adorable ice balls. Or, you could just cuddle them until they melted in your warm paw. Oh, such a sweet teaser of winter.

Well, I don't know what irritation October is dealing with. But, look out! She is angry and out to smother us with a blanket of heavy, heavy snow.

That's right. Snow.

There is no debating what to call the 6 inches of white stuff that we found in our yard this weekend.

That is most definitely snow - large quantities of heavy snow that broke tree limbs, knocked out power and left us all scrambling to find our winter gear.

Hello, winter! Why'd you have to sucker punch us in the face?


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