Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Disc Golf

Once upon a time, I told Mike that I would never play disc golf. To me, it looked like a sport for ultimate frisbee rejects, or the sort of activity that the hacky sack crowd might be drawn to when not polishing their Dungeons & Dragons figurines.

Mike took my statement as a direct challenge. It became his mission to get me on the disc golf course as soon as possible.

Before we drove home to find snow, we were in Portland visiting friends, friends who just happen to live next to not one, but two disc golf courses. Next thing I knew, we were all in a gorgeous park holding plastic. (Important Note: Do not refer to the disc as a frisbee. The correct term is plastic. Also, the sport is not called frisbee golf. Call it disc golf. If you violate either of these rules, you will be mocked, mocked by the hacky sack crowd. You can't get much lower than that.)

None of us had played disc golf before, and we quickly violated all of the above rules and more, many more.

This is where I have to apologize to Mike and the disc golfers of the world. We had so much fun that day. I strongly suspect it had a lot to do with the company that we kept.

But also, disc golf is a funny, funny sport.

And, anything that can get you outside with good friends and make you laugh from deep within your belly can't be that bad.

So, sorry Mike. Sorry disc golfers. Sorry hacky sackers. Sorry D&D enthusiasts and your figurines. May your plastic fly straight and far. Or whatever.


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