Tuesday, December 12, 2006

de Feet Hurt at de Young

The weekend before we came down with the plague, Mike's mom, Nana, and step-dad, Papa Troy, flew out to babysit Sarah while we went to Mike's company holiday party. They're awesome like that.

Unfortunately, their time here was a blur. I didn't manage to take any pictures of them and feel like I only saw them during rushed hand-offs of our tantrum prone football while hoping they'd manage a first down and keep the clock from running out.

The party this year was at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. It's a gorgeous building with lots of wonderful art of which I saw very little, because I haven't mastered the complicated skill of walking in high heels - proof that fashion was intended to keep women unenlightened and sitting safely in a corner.

As a parting gift, we were given a little red box with a chocolate masterpiece inside.

Once at home, this delicacy did not last long.

A little girl took great delight in devouring La Gioconda.

The few chunks that I managed to wrestle away from the kid were delicious. I wish I had been able to limp over to the table at the party to get a few extra boxes - see, fashion was also intended to keep women thin and unsatisfied.

You know, I bet Mona never wore high heels and ate chocolate at every whim, which would explain her smile. Next year, I'm going to get me some Mona Lisa shoes and beam.


At 7:25 PM, Blogger QT said...

Wow - that beats any office party I've been to, and what a great party favor!

Wedges, my dear girl, are a non-heel wearer's best friend. I myself have to wear heels everyday to work, so I am quite skilled. : )

At 8:29 PM, Anonymous flutter said...

Mona would NOT be smiling, if she had worn heels.....just remember that

At 11:48 AM, Anonymous jen said...

i LOVE this post. I love that picture, and even love the one on the sidebar even more.

and i'm w/ QT...wedges...they are brilliant.


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