Thursday, September 22, 2005

Lola L-O-L-A Lola

It's no secret that Lola's life in our household has been less than fulfilling. Mike refers to her as our "auxiliary dog". The one who is only around to take Sancho's place in case we ever succeed in maiming him beyond repair.

Sancho is a total jerk to her. I adopted Lola hoping that she would be a companion for him. Instead, he treats her like a squishy stress reliever - someone is knocking at the door, bite Lola; no one will pet me, bite Lola; a stupid human just stepped on my ear, bite Lola.

Well, Lola's time has come. I take the dogs with me to pick Sarah up from daycare every afternoon. The little girls are usually outside playing when I get there, so they get glimpses of Lola in the back of the car (teetering on the wheel well, face pressed up against the window, because Sancho has taken over the entire space and won't let her near him). These little girls have recognized Lola's beauty and adore her. They line up along the play yard fence calling her name. They squeal when she perks up her ears and looks at them. One of the more precocious girls tried (and almost succeeded) to climb the fence to get to her. In the morning when I walk into the center, they circle around me and begin asking for Lola (Lola coming? Where Lola? Lola outside? Lola?!? Lola?!?) Lola is a rock star at Overpriced Daycare!

Lola thinks this new fame is great and all, but she just wishes that it somehow translated into more walks (off-leash, please).


At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad LOLA is having her day...REJ
Mom says "Every dog has his day."

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