Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Things To Do On A Sunny Day

The weather was so exquisite yesterday that we had no choice but to get out and enjoy it. So, we went to the park. This was after we had gone for a jog, walked the dogs, had coffee on the porch, and run out of other excuses to be in the sun. At the park, Sarah got to go for a ride on the swings. She loved it when I pushed her really high. Honestly, she has no fear.

Today the weather has been just as amazing as yesterday. Instead of going to the park, I took Sarah to the Stanford psychology department to be a test subject. They are trying to determine if babies her age can associate the parts of an object with the whole. So, they showed her images of an intact object, followed by the same object in pieces, and then, the original object (intact and broken apart) with other objects in the image. This was done in a dark room with the images projected on a big screen and a sensor that tracked Sarah's eye movements. At least that's what they told me happened. I couldn't see a thing. I got to sit very still with a visor on my head while holding Sarah on my lap. Who knows? Maybe I was the subject of the experiment. How goofy is a parent willing to be for the supposed sake of science? Oh, well. Sarah got a free t-shirt and we both got to enjoy the beautiful campus.


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