Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tech Support?

I spent the day yesterday wrestling with the installation of new design tools on my computer. At around noon, I waved a white flag and sent a plea for help to the support people at work. They promptly sent back an automated message letting me know that my problem is very important to them and that they'd get back to me within two hours.

I've played this game before and know better than to wait for the tech support folks to come galloping on a white horse and slay my software compatibility issues with a flick of their mouse. So, I continued my battle solo while I waited for them to call. I rebooted my machine. I tweaked the registry. I Googled and Googled for answers. I rebooted again. I uninstalled software. I installed software. I rebooted again. The sun set. The moon rose. Then, sometime around midnight, still with no response from the support center, all of the software began heeding my commands. I had tamed the beast. Yeah! Bedtime!

Warm in my bed this morning at 7 am, the phone rings. 7 am! It's Ali calling to help with my installation problem. Now, either time runs much differently in tech support land (maybe they travel at the speed of light?) or my problem really wasn't as important to them as they originally claimed, but those sure felt like a very long couple of hours.

Still, it was nice of Ali to call. I think I'll return his call in a couple of hours (by tech support time that should be about 3 am tonight) and thank him.


At 3:55 PM, Anonymous Grandpaw said...

Isn't it great to talk to a "human person" irregardless of the time of day? Where was Ali calling from? When I call tech support, I never get a human person -- I get someone answering machine in Bombay, India who says they will contact me! I guess out sourcing has taken a different turn for the worse -- I can't understand them when they do call! I'm like you Julianne--I try everthing I can think of to create software compatibility with limited results. Personally I think that those "tech support" people try to intimidate the average user. The best way that I know of to counteract those "nerdy" questions from "support" is to ask WHY. You can almost destroy them every time.

At 12:26 PM, Blogger J Fife said...

grandpaw - If anyone understood my frustration, I knew you would. Our "support" people are in Colorado, but this still hasn't seemed to help the situation much. Oh, I think I need to live in a simpler time...


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