Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Wake Up!

It's been a slow morning around here. Sometime around 3 am, Sarita decided that the only place that she wanted to sleep was in my arms in the rocking chair. Finally around 4 am, the gods answered my prayers and I was able to put her back into her crib. It had been months since a crying baby had gotten me out of bed. I can tell you that I hadn't missed it at all.

Now, I've had plenty of coffee, the sun is shining (no more rain!), and I'm ready to take Sarah for a run, but guess what. She's asleep! Isn't that the way that it works? When I want her asleep she's awake, and when I want her awake she's asleep. Already, she shows a rebellious side.


At 10:53 AM, Blogger Gama said...

I picture you with Sarah in your arms, I bet both of you look so cute.
Ah coffee, that's why I woke everyday and make a pot just for me.


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