Thursday, August 25, 2005


Sarah started daycare last week. The center we got her into is excellent. There are only 12 kids. Activities include trips to the park, stroller rides, free play outside, singing, books, etc. The kids are not stuck in a room all day. They even have a pet bird.

The staff is great. In just the short amount of time that Sarah has been there, they've taught her to sit in a little chair and have her snack at a table. On a regular day, there are 5 teachers for 12 kids (almost a 1:2 ratio!). Some days, there are even extra volunteers who come by to help out (a sweet grandma who sings to the kids, a fun teenager who used to go to the center).

This is a GOOD daycare.

Sarah agrees. It's a blast - WHEN I'M THERE, but when I'm not there, she's not so sure about it. She's had a couple of good days without me. But, she's also had some bad days. On the bad days, the drop offs are horrendous - red faced, runny nosed screaming tantrums. On these days, the rest of the day follows down a rocky path. I'm told she goes into a cycle of 15 minutes of calm followed by "wait! where's my mom?" meltdowns. This goes on ALL DAY.

This morning when I left her, it was looking like a bad day. She was in a stroller going down the street screaming at the top of her lungs. Ugggh... It's days like this that I'm ready to go back to working at night and skipping that tedious sleep.


At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey we just finished our last day
of Summer Day Care! Over all it was great for the boys. They had
way more fun outings than I could
come up with. And avoiding the sibling bickering i would have to listen to was priceless. On the otherhand Roy contract Strep and Ben may have pink-eye. School
starts next week. A happy/sad feelng.
Have fun at Daycare Sarah. It is
all about character building and
establishing your independence.
I don't know about your mom. She
does need sleep. Hug her...


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